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A Surgeon’s Results Should
Speak For Themselves

We could tell you how great our patients look and feel after their procedures, but it is easier if you see it for yourself. With a precise surgical hand and keen eye for detail, Dr. Calvert satisfies his patients with the look they’ve always dreamed of.

Broken Nose Repair

Fixing a broken nose is not the same as doing a nose job or a rhinoplasty. When a patient comes in with a broken nose (medical term is nasal fracture), I spend a good bit of time explaining their situation as it pertains to possible plastic surgery intervention.  A broken nose is essentially a facial […]

Asian Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills with Dr. Jay Calvert

I perform Asian rhinoplasty  fairly frequently.  However, we really need to consider this term…I mean, Asia is a big place!  And there are many different ethnicities throughout Asia.  And these various peoples have different looks and desires based on their cultures and cultural difference in beauty interpretation.  Thus, I think this broad term means a […]

Lengthening the Short Nose in Secondary Rhinoplasty

Short Noses can be made longer Rhinoplasty surgery sometimes produces unfavorable results. Many patients present to my practice with the complaint that their nose looks “done” or that they have an ‘operated look” after rhinoplasty.  When we drill down the problems that are causing their dissatisfaction, many times it is because their nose was simply […]

Septal Perforation Repair

Its is very interesting how many ways surgeons choose to approach the repair of septal perforation.  I find that this is a very difficult problem to fix and that patients must understand this fact. Like most things in health care and medicine, patients would like to believe that there is an easy remedy that can […]